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Flock in Flight
Flock in Flight


"Ladybird is a multi-talented performance artist who excels in various domains, including singing, songwriting, live performances, production, and voice-over work. Additionally, she has garnered a significant following online by streaming music and diverse content on Twitch regularly.

Interacting with Ladybird is a delightful experience characterized by joy, kindness, validation, and humor. She possesses a relaxed and amiable nature, making collaboration with her effortless. However, she remains dedicated to her craft and persists until she achieves her own high standards. Even in challenging circumstances, Ladybird stands as a resilient and radiant source of inspiration."

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Who is Ladybird?

Friday, September, 15, 2023

a pay to play world, Ladybird's first LP


Printing vinyls of my music has been a dream of mine my whole life! And here it is in physical form! listen to all 8 tracks, exactly how I want them to be seen, heard, and felt!

The sleeve is one of a kind, being the cover i wanted to put up on Spotify but couldn't due to censorship LOL. What can i say, my music is melancholic XD

The record is printed on opaque baby blue vinyl with pink labels. goth on the outside pastel on the inside just like me hehe <3

Every vinyl comes with a free download code! this couldn't be a fairer deal!

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