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Ladybird the Indie Singer Songwriter

A Life of Adapting + Coping Through Music

Ladybird, a talented singer/songwriter, is making waves in the music scene as an emerging artist from Southeast Texas. Originating from Galveston, she has dedicated more than six years to refining her skills. Her highly anticipated album is scheduled for release September 15th, and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

If you're in the area, you have the opportunity to hear Ladybird's captivating vocals firsthand. She frequently performs in the Strand area and can be found enchanting audiences at various local venues, including farmer's markets and coffee shops. Her musical style is characterized by its sincere, poignant, and indie qualities, setting her apart with a truly unique sound.

For those interested in booking Ladybird, she is currently open for engagements starting in 2024, promising unforgettable live performances that showcase her exceptional talent.

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Officially Released on all music platforms!

Release Dates:

allergies: 8/11

she's gone: 8/25

scarred lips: 9/8

a pay to play world (album): 9/15

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Free Samples

Ladybird Originals:


Collabs + Writing:


Skills & Expertise

Started Private Lessons

Oct. 2023

I decided I wanted formal training on voice so I dove into learning fundamentals with my mentor Wendy Taylor starting with opera! And piano of course.

Became a coach + Judge on "the Voice Galveston"

Sept.  2023

After competing in this competition, and guest judging, I was asked to move to the other side of the table and it has been an honor and a pleasure! Teaching has always been my favourite thing to do in my other lines of work so it has been wonderful to be able to share my experience with others!

Released my debut album

Sept.  2023

I perfected my album through my illness over years and officially released "a pay to play world" completely independently on all streaming platforms!

Judged Carley's All- Stars

April 2022

After competing in "the Voice Galveston" I had the honor of being invited to judge Carley's unique singing competition, where she invited singers combined from all her singing competitions.

Collaborating + Ghost Writing


After learning how to write music and lyrics i took to helping others through teaching, collaborating on tracks, and ghost writing lyrics.

Streaming on Twitch

April 2020-present

I began streaming solely music during the pandemic, surviving covid but causing a lifelong disability. I now stream 2+ days a week playing singing, looping and playing music live or playing a variety of games (generally darker + scarier ones). Monthly i also host a talk show with changing themes! I have been slowly growing my community focusing on accepting disabilities of all kinds, mental health, and having good cozy fun!

I am also part of 2 teams: "Chronically Sickening" (differently-abled streamers) and "Fever to Tell" (team of musicians).

Won "the Voice Galveston"

Dec. 2019

After placing runner up the previous season of "the Voice Galveston" I entered again in season 3! All my hard work and dedication led to my success as I won the whole dang thing! I learned how to push myself out of my comfort zone, adapt, perform in front of a live audience, and network! Hell, I met my mentor through this competition!

Runner up on "the Voice Galveston"

April 2019

This was my first time singing on a stage. Ever. It was terrifying. I was unsure of everything. But the reason I even entered a competition like this was to learn how to perform, instead of just singing in my bedroom. And thats exactly what I did! I placed runner up, and learned everything I wanted and more!

Recording + Producing my 1st Album


I began forming my passion into tangible recordings. Got an KG P420 microphone for my Birthday, Ableton Live and a textbook on how to use a DAW and then taught myself everything. I incorporated a Midi keyboard and percussive parts soon after. Now i teach others how to use Ableton and offer recording services from my studio in my home.

My first album is going to be completed in 2023!



I've been writing poetry and journaling all my life to cope through various traumas. I decided to pursue my dreams and learned from people all over YouTube on how to write songs. I picked up my ukulele and never looked back. I've progressed through the years and have used everything I've learned to start writing for other people in addition to finalizing my first album! I now take every opportunity to learn more songwriting techniques from others at collaborative groups in my area and with other musicians online.

Started doing open mics


Before songwriting I wanted to work through being able to sing and play somewhere that wasn't my bedroom. So with a little support I began performing at open mics all over my city. Then Covid struck and i almost died. Through many many ups and downs, and with the protection of the vaccine i now regularly attend open mics in my surrounding cities.

Taught myself how to play Ukulele


In high school performing as a percussionist just wasn't enough to sing with so i picked up a ukulele, inspired by Christopher Drew, and taught myself a few chords. I always kept one near me throughout my adulthood before i retired, but decided to start pursuing my dreams and began practicing seriously in 2015. I dabbled in content creation around singing covers before i found my home songwriting and streaming on Twitch.

Studied Percussion + Music Theory


In middle school and high school if i wasn't in class or studying you would find me practicing marimba, snare or piano. I was endlessly consuming music, music theory, composition and various techniques. I was on snare line for 2 years, keyboard for 2 years and all kinds of instruments in between during the off season. I participated in every solo and band competition and at one point was the highest ranked female percussionist in the Area at my age. I took lessons and tediously studied my craft, which i still use many many of these skills to this day.

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