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Ladybird the Voice Over Artist

bubbly + kind

sharp + animated

mellifluous + authentic

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Home studio specs:

Sure SM7B (an XLR microphone), Scarlett Focusrite interface, custom sound booth, and Ableton Live 10 (DAW).

Self represented | Non-union | Quick turn around with lots of communication

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Really Real Reels

Image by Kenny Eliason

Sweet breathy


Small Puppy

Shy + awkward side kick or creature

ladybird cropped_edited.png

Neutral speaking


Anime Girl Winking

Sassy bratty


Fictional Character

Vixen villain antagonist

Image by Jan Kopřiva

Melodic + creepy w/ mood swings

Image by Xuan Nguyen

Confident leader


Image by Anthony Tran

Energetic pixie

anime girlie

Alexa- style mysterious android

Fashion Photoshoot

Past Works

intro bird 2.png

Skills & Expertise

Started private Lessons

Oct. 2023

I decided I wanted formal training so I found Raquael Torres at Radio City Lounge in Sugar land where I practice and hone my skills with master guidance.

Became a Level  Seller

Oct. 2023

After many 5 star orders behind me on Fiverr, a freelancing site, I was awarded the status of being a Level 1 Seller! I was consistent, current, active, and talented enough to keep my customers returning time and time again!

Currently enrolled in Udemy course

Nov. 2022

Desiring to further my knowledge in my specific route i'd like to head down, i enrolled in another Udemy course: "Voice acting & Character voices for video games & animations" by peter baker and the voiceover master class team. I expect to complete the class by the end of the month, becoming more knowledgeable and better prepared to perform higher quality content!

Completed Udemy course

Oct 20, 2022

Over the year i've been taking the time to learn as much as i can to further my education in voice acting so that i can present a better product to my clients. I decided to study another class from udemy called "Voice-over marketing: get more voice over jobs in less time!" by peter baker from voiceover masterclass. I exited the class learning how to find more places to gain more experiences to further my career.
certificate no: US-dc7f9529-8c81-45bb-ab61-b4ffd9ece81c

Joined Voices  freelancing

Sept 2022

Upon completion of my Udemy course I used my knowledge to rerecord my reel and put together a professional profile on and I've been there ever since.

Completed Udemy Course

Sept 10, 2022

I decided to take the plunge and pursue my dreams more seriously and enlisted in a course with Udemy, instructed by Laci Morgan "Be a Voice Actor: Making a Living with Your Voice." I am using everything i've learned and all of the resources to enter this neighboring field to my music, having always been dreaming of this one in the meantime!

Certificate no: UC - bdeac3dd-204e-4423-9026-7e9f6224449a

Joined Fiverr freelancing

Aug 2022

I hit the ground running on my career and wanted to get some experience under my belt, so I joined Fiverr,  which I've used many times before to connect with audio and design professionals. I got a profile together and got the experience i was looking for and using this I have been inspired to take this job on more seriously.

Recorded my first Reel

After unforeseen circumstances i decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a voice over artist. So i kicked on my Daw and got crackin'!

Aug 2022

Editing Audio through a Daw


I began forming my passion into tangible recordings. Got an AKG P420 microphone for my Birthday, Ableton Live and a textbook on how to use a DAW and taught myself everything. I've used my experience producing my own album to help in recording and mixing voice lines. A lot of the skills used in music and recording transfers easily and can be applied to voice acting.

Independent Study


After watching anime and animated TV shows i questioned "how do people do the voices on this? where do people learn to do this?" This sent me down a rabbit hole of years learning and researching, discovering that people do this as a job. Then my dream was formed.

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